March 31, 2008

A Riddle Named Max!

Recently I recieved an email entitled "The Riddle." At first I thought it was junk mail, until we recieved another one the following day with a personal note of thanks to Kristin and I. In fact all we know through these emails is that the people behind the riddle are six people, three couples and between the three couples they have four students in our youth group. We also recieved several clues hinting about a surprise we would soon recieve, although whoever these riddlers were they made sure the clues would distract us from cracking the the riddle. Also whoever it was must have known Kristin can't stand surprises, because the more and more we recieved messages and clues the more and more Kristin began going out of her mind trying to figure out what it could be. Although when the day came neither one of us had the slightest idea what it could be; so when when a little yellow labrador puppy showed up on our door step the two of us were absolutely shocked. The only problem is we still have no idea who blessed us with this little guy. So if you know who these riddlers are or if you're one of them we would like to say THANKS! So to fill you guys in the new member to our family is named Max, he is a Yellow Labrador and is seven weeks old. He is also full of personality and a little confused as to where to relieve himself.