April 19, 2008

Skaters = The Church

Recently I spent the day with a group of skaters who attend our student ministry and what was supposed to be a time of hanging out turned into a very eye opening experience. It all started at Burger King when I noticed the four of them putting their money together while examining the menu to see what was going to get them the most food for their money. From there it was all about eating and sharing stories from their latest experiences at school, the skate park, Mall of America or the latest concert. At the same time several other teenagers happened to come through Burger King, and despite their age/grade, race, or their appearance these young men seemed to connect with them.

What’s even more interesting is there have been several times I’ve noticed this group of skaters being scrutinized within the church setting as well as being looked at as the odd balls within our congregation. Although at Burger King I couldn’t help but notice perhaps these skaters have a better understanding of what it means to be the church than the actual people who hold the title as “Churched.” Let’s face it when one of them is without; the others pitch in to meet the need. They enjoy sharing life together, and most importantly they’re accept anyone. It just so happens the students who connect with this group of skaters are those who come from broken homes, poor families, horrific pasts or many times have just been rejected by everyone else. In many ways this group of skaters is very similar to another group of people I recently did a study on. It was the people in the book of Acts, and the title they chose to label themselves as was “The Church.”