June 18, 2008

City Council Meeting - People or Miles?

At the end of a very exciting City Council Meeting, Mayor Kautz ended with this statement, "You win!" I think it's safe to say those of us in attendance last night left asking ourselves the question; did we really win? The decision still isn't final, and two out of the five were against Crossroads making Burnsville Parkway it's home. And though many of us are trying to clarify the win, the one thing I do know; is we didn't lose! Meaning the door is still open and the momentum seems to be moving in our direction.

Although on my way home I couldn't help but wrestle with the Mayor's argument of 31 churches in a city of 28 square miles. At the time it seemed like a valid argument until I got home and started thinking about the number of people that make up Burnsville rather than the number of miles. In which the city of Burnsville has just shy of 61,000 residence. Meaning if Burnsville was over saturated with churches like the Mayor claims, we would find mega churches on every corner. Although that's not the case. In fact according to a study conducted by The Barna Group, the average church attracts less than 90 people. Not to mention only 2% of churches are over 1,000 members. Meaning if you do the math keeping people as the priority, Burnsville is far from being over saturated with churches.

Looking back to last night the Mayor seemed to make it clear that it's the people that make up the city of Burnsville, while at the same time basing her argument on the number of miles that encompass the city. So the question I have is, which are more valuable, people or miles?