May 27, 2009

Flying By The Seat of My Pants

Technically summer isn't here yet, considering school is still in session for most of our students and I'm wearing a hoody as I type this. Although the business has been nothing but summer like. With our first child on the way, Kristin and I have been spending every spare moment getting the house ready of a baby. Which has me wondering if the tree I cut down and the patio I just built was for the baby or Kristin, hmm? Either way it's done and looks great. On top of this we painted the house and don't get me started on the spring cleaning that has been taking place. Growing up that was like a weekend thing, but now it looks like we're headed into another month of it. Perhaps this is why I look forward to playing softball on Thursday nights as much as I do.

Once again this is what I've been doing on my spare time apart from my role as the Associate Pastor (media, marketing, communications, website and all the other things a Lead Pastor chooses not to do), Youth Pastor of Skyline which has become a mini-church, and Basketball Coach. Although the thing that has consumed me the most is a project I have been working on that will fall into place come this fall. As of now it's still a secret, but soon will be made public.

This is something Kristin and I are extremely excited about and can't wait to share this new opportunity with others at Crossroads and in the community.