September 28, 2009

Why do Bad Things happen to Good People?

Ever wondered why Bad Things happen to Good People? Or why an All Good/Loving God would allow it? I have. In fact, for the longest time this was my biggest issue with God. Until I realized; I'm not a Good Person. Don't get me wrong. Each and every day I strive to live a life that is honoring to God and morally upright. Although the truth is at the core of the human nature is a whole lot of bad. The type of Bad that causes the Rich to be unsympathetic to the Poor. The temptation to Gossip, hide the Truth, Lust or harbor Bitterness. Not to mention the Self Centeredness, that leads to a life where we unconsciously feel Superior to others or Prioritizing our needs over the Needs around us. Lets face it, these things are Bad and they're sinful.

Which according to the Bible, (Romans 6:23) "The wages of sin is death..." Meaning because of our bad nature we deserve a punishment. Although in this verse there's a comma followed by a "but" that I've come to really appreciate.

"For the wages of sin is death, but the Gift of God is eternal life."

Meaning, God doesn't allow Bad to happen to Good People. Instead because God is so Good, he allows Good to happen to Bad people. Hopefully this helps you change your perspective and you find yourself responding through a life of appreciation towards an incredibly generous God.