November 19, 2009

New Series "Grow Up"

I can remember countless times growing up, when myself of someone else would act immaturely and someone would respond "Grow Up." In fact I can recall several moments as an adult where I've thought that about others and I'm sure they've thought the same about me at times. It seems that maturity is something we come to appreciate even at a young age. And though man coined the phrase "Grow Up" I believe God has been desiring for us to do the same in our Spiritual life, dating back to when Jesus began speaking of discipleship. Back when being a follower of Jesus looked completely different, than the watered down Christianity we see now days.

In this series we'll be focusing on being a Disciple of Jesus Christ. Not to define what it means to be a Disciple, but rather to discover what a Disciple does. The following are three areas we touched on in week 1. Three things that Jesus did; that as his Disciples we should do as well.

1. A Disciple Touches Lepers
2. A Disciple Befriends Prostitutes
3. A Disciple Offends Pharisees