January 31, 2010

Sermon - Delusional

Many times we live in the shadows of the illusions we portray for the world around us, which are inconsistent with who we really are. And in doing so we forfeit one of the fundamental truths about why Jesus came to this earth and gave his life. Which is Jesus came for the real you, not the fake you. To help us gain the courage to step out of these shadows, we looked to the "sinful woman" in Luke 7 as our inspiration and with the help of Simon (a Pharisee) discovered the illusion that plagues our churches and our society. The illusion of our own goodness. For many times, we play the comparison game saying to ourselves, "I may not be perfect but I'm not nearly as bad as that person." Leaving us confused like Simon when Jesus says, "he who is forgiven little loves little." For Jesus isn't telling Simon his love is inadequate because he has been forgiven little and that he must go generate a truck load of sin in order to love much. Instead, Jesus is saying to Simon that he has already generated a whole truck load of sin. The problem is, he's "Delusional" and can't see it.

It's no secret the comparison game doesn't seem to get you far, and the illusion of our own goodness causes us to forfeit much. Although the Bible suggests that the comparison game does serve a purpose. Yet rather than comparing ourselves to each other, Simon or the "sinful woman," we are called to compare ourselves to Jesus Christ. Unlike any other comparisons we've made, Jesus is the one person we'll never find ourselves saying, "I may not be perfect, but I'm not nearly as bad as him." It just doesn't work, nor allow us to live "Delusional."