February 8, 2010

Where are you from?

Beyond just a location or birthplace, where are you from? What type of family do you come from? Where along the road of life did you experience pain or suffering? What moments of failure have you allowed to define you? The truth is we all have a past. Each and everyone of us are on a journey, and though our focus should be on the present our attention is often drawn to the rear view mirror. The problem isn't having a past. The problem is how we let the past dictate the present. How the person we once were defines the person we continue to be.

Throughout scripture and beyond into the now, we find that Jesus came for those with a past. He came for fishermen who weren't fit to be disciples and he extends the invitation to become more. He came for a Paul who persecuted Christians and inspires him to preach the Gospel. He came for me; a boy who couldn't hear or speak and leads me to become a preacher. Jesus came for those with a past. The question is, are we willing to allow him to do the unrealistic in our lives? To no longer be defined by our past. Instead defined by the present and who we're becoming despite our past. It's then that our faith is rewarded and our lives become testimonies for those around us.

Just understand one thing. There's pain along the way. I'm sure Paul in the book of Acts wasn't happy to become blind, yet what took place after becoming blind is astonishing. For me, speech therapy was miserable. The embarrassment of practicing Sesame Street flash cards as a teen is something I'll never forget. And with my education behind me, the only two classes I ever failed were Public Speaking and Homiletics (Preaching class). Trust me, there's pain along the way, yet to find myself as a preacher today is not only mind boggling but worth it.

Where are you from? And what unrealistic direction does God seem to be leading you in?