June 21, 2010


"Our Father refreshes us on the journey with pleasant inns, but will not encourage us to mistake them for home." C.S.Lewis

This past weekend the girls and I stayed four nights in a hotel. And it never seems to fail, I always have this unique pleasure of walking into a hotel room where the bed is perfectly made and the bathroom is spotless, stocked with all brand new toiletries. The TV has a million channels and most places still have a Bible waiting on the night stand. Initially arriving at a hotel is awesome!

Although the scene changes after a few days. Now living out of a suitcase, clothes are scattered throughout the room. Your clean clothes are limited as the dirty clothes pile continues to grow without a place to wash them. You're now opening your third bottle of shampoo and your skin is drying out from the body wash that smells nothing like Old Spice. Before you know it you're aggravated and on each others nerves confined to the same room. What was initially awesome, now has you wanting to check out.

The same is true in our journey with Christ. There are moments we arrive at places that initially seem awesome. We're comfortable. We're at peace. We've been provided for. And God couldn't be any closer as if he's sitting on the night stand. The problem is God has intended for us to be in these moments temporarily, while we attempt to make them a permanent residence. And before you know it we've become aggravated, on the verge of checking out.

Personally I've witnessed to many believers check out of the journey completely. Never realizing God had another hotel experience in store for them. It's as though we're expecting a rest area, but refusing to get back on the road that leads to it. Perhaps it's time we avoid complacency, remaining steadfast in our journey with Christ. Why settle for one great experience with God, when you could have several?