July 7, 2010

Folding Chairs

For years The Bible has been the #1 selling book in the world, and according to some the least read. It seems that though The Bible is still being massed produced, an overall knowledge of it’s content continues to plummet. And who is buying all these Bibles? Christians! Meaning, Christians are the ones plummeting in their knowledge of God’s word.

After having a Bible study with a church member, he asked me “can we meet for Bible study everyday?” And then was offended when I told him I wouldn’t be able to commit to that. That’s when I pointed out that he didn’t even bring his Bible with him to our Bible study. Helping him to notice that what he was really asking was, “will you do my daily devotions for me?”

I went on to tell him, Bibles are like Folding Chairs. You can never fully rely on God’s Word, receiving it’s support in life if you never open it up.

Perhaps, fashionable/mini sized Bibles with hard to read tiny print, along with PowerPoints displaying scripture have enabled believers to become accustomed to God’s Word being spoon-fed. Perhaps it’s time we say no to spoon feeding believers and begin encouraging them to open up their own Bibles and discover the most dependable source offered to man.