July 20, 2010

The Present

At the moment people all over the world are forgetting the present. Today’s opportunities are being overlooked as people stress over tomorrow. And when tomorrow arrives, their focus will once again be directed towards what’s ahead. What the future holds is important, but the very moment we are living in is irreplaceable. Tonight parents will resort to the television rather than tucking their kids into bed. People will drive by the homeless, ignoring the urge to show compassion. Today’s bitterness will be harbored until tomorrow. And people will lose sight of incredible dreams due to the distractions of our everyday lives.

As time progresses the dreams that once propelled our lives fade into the distance, while mediocrity and complacency become permanent residence. It’s like my father once told me, “you become the people you spend the most time with.” The same goes for mediocrity and complacency. Choose them over spending time with your dreams and embracing the present and before you know it they become your instinctive nature. Although, the choice is yours. For the present is a present. It’s a gift that is both given and received by none other than you.

Meaning you decide whether or not, your present will be a gift. So what will it be?