July 1, 2010


Last night Kristin and I went and seen the new Twilight movie (some avid fans prefer Eclipse, The Trilogy or The Twilight Saga). None the less we went, because Kristin really enjoys the Twilight thing. Not because in any way I'm a closet fan. Have I seen all the movies? Yes. Do I own them? Yes. Is there a Team Edward shirt in my closet? Yes (it's my wife's). Personally I'm on Team Jacob. Only because if my wife is going to be on any guy's team, it's going to be the one who most resembles me. The bulging biceps, chiseled abs and incredible tan kind of give it away. We're twins!

Whether you're a fan or not, which hesitantly I admit I am a fan. The new Twilight movie is pretty cool flick. Yeah there's the awkward romantic parts, that actually lead to a make out scene. Although let the record stand, Edward brought the action to a halt telling Bella he wouldn't go any further until they were married. Personally I could have done without that scene. Yet I do appreciate America's heart throb Edward, sending the message that resisting temptation and remaining pure is important.

Although my favorite part of the entire movie, which in no way is any spoiler alert. Was simple a line from Bella. In a conversation about becoming a vampire, she said something along the lines "I've never really fit into this world and I now realize it's because I was created for so much more than just this ordinary life."

Subtract the vampire scenario and replace Edward with Jesus and you find a very common point most followers of Christ experienced prior to becoming a Christian. This point of realizing that you weren't made for this world. That you were made for so much more than just an ordinary life. For in John 18:36 Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world."

Perhaps you haven't reached that point, but sense you don't quite fit into this fallen world. Perhaps it's time for you to accept Jesus' invitation to join that Kingdom, becoming who you were created to be!