August 3, 2010


Today is officially my first day in the office, my fourth day in Oklahoma City and the 17th time I've heard "rerouting" from my GPS. I recently downloaded the GPS app on my iPhone knowing I would have a hard time finding my way around Oklahoma City. Although I'm still getting lost! Whether there has been construction, traffic that won't let me get over, or just the fact that I'm directionally challenged, I keep taking the wrong turns. The good news is, every time I take a wrong turn Annabel (GPS Voice) says "rerouting." Meaning what's done is done, now lets continue moving forward getting you to where you need to be.

I think that's one of the most remarkable things about God. No matter how many times we take the wrong turn in life God never fails to speak up, "rerouting" us to where we need to be. In the end whether it's Annabel leading me to church or God directing us through life, we find ourselves arriving at where we need to be. The kicker is, we just have to be willing to continue following the directions that lead us forward to where we need to go.