August 10, 2010

The King's Heart

In 1329 while dying on a battlefield Robert The Bruce, the King of Scotland requested that his heart be removed from his chest and returned to his people with honor. Reluctantly 2nd in command James Douglas granted the kings request, wearing it around his neck during the battle and battles to come.

At one point, out numbered and retreating. Douglas removed the King's heart from around his neck and while throwing it back into the midst of the enemy shouted "Fight For The Heart of The King!" Shockingly Douglass and his men reversed the momentum of the battle, claiming Victory over their superior opponent.

I believe it's time we embrace this same warrior like faith. A faith that says, despite the wars I'm in and the attacks of the enemy; I'm going to stand bold and courageous. And like a David facing Goliath I'm going to run towards the battles in my life. It's time we move into the war zone we call society that has Christians retreating and reverse it's momentum as we "Fight For The Heart of The King!"

A King whose Heart longs for the weak, the oppressed and the hurting.
A King who embraces the neglected, while loving the unloveable.
A King who strengthens and gives shelter to his people.
A King who will not lose! And has invited us to be apart of an incredible Victory!

Let us "Fight For The Heart of The King!"