August 23, 2010

Party Like A Rockstar!

Ever wonder why some Christians seem miserable with life? Or why they appear Bored Again rather than Born Again? For whatever reason, there is this ongoing struggle within the body of believers that hinders them from living a life of celebration with God. Whether it's an ignorant view of scripture as simply a book of rules or one's unwillingness to navigate beyond their comfort zone; many Christians are missing the point! We are called to be the Light of the World, yet at the moment it seems places like Vegas are claiming that position while Christians hide in the shadows of their misery and legalism. Furthermore it's as if Christians have developed their own 4H Club (Homosexuality, Halloween, Hollywood and Harry Potter) minimizing the overall purpose of the church as well as our responsibilities as believers. In the end our focus shouldn't be to develop secluded clubs that make people miserable, but rather demonstrate life to the fullest through celebrations no Night Club could compare to. That's why Jesus came! So that we could experience life and life to the fullest! In fact not only does God command his people through scripture to take part in celebrations/parties, he has also invited each of us through Christ to join him in the greatest party ever. One that will literally last forever!

Meaning our God Parties Like A Rockstar!

Below is a list of God/Jesus emphasizing the importance of celebrations/parties:

God loves a party so much that he commanded -- not suggested -- commanded his children to take time off work to faithfully enjoy times together with him and each other

1. The feast of dedication -- John 10:22 -- held in the winter month every year

2. The feast of Jubilee -- Leviticus 25:8 -- 12 -- once every 50 years

3. The feast of the new Moon -- numbers 10:10 -- trumpets and entertainment

4. The feast of Pentecost -- 50 days after the harvest -- Leviticus 23:15

5. The feast of Purim -- middle of the 12th month -- with feasting, gladness, and sharing of gifts --Esther

6.The feast of the sabbatical year -- every seventh year -- Leviticus 25:2

7.The feast of Tabernacles -- was a joyous, weeklong annual feast of singing and camping out -- Exodus 23:16

8.The feast of Passover -- was an annual weeklong feast -- Leviticus 23:5 -- Exodus 12:6

9.The feast of trumpets -- held on the first day of the seventh month -- but numbers 29:1

10.The anniversary feasts -- Exodus 23: 14 -- were times of gratitude, joy, gladness, and entertainment.

Jesus loved a good party

1. He did his first miracle at a wedding party John 2:1

2. Jesus was anointed at a dinner party -- Luke 7:36

3. Jesus ate his last meal at a supper party -- Matthew 26:17

4. Jesus said the father throws a party -- every time a sinner repents -- Luke 15

5. It’s why the Pharisees got upset with Jesus -- he was too interested in parties -- Luke 7

6. Jesus compared the kingdom of heaven -- to a big-time banquet - Luke 15