August 2, 2010

The Wheel Barrel

Yesterday Pastor Adam spoke on being created for the moment. He went on to emphasize that it’s not your ability but rather your availability when seizing the moment. He also added that whatever your moment looks like, it’s going to require some risk. For “if you can handle it on your own, I’m pretty sure God isn’t in it.”

He ended with the story of when The Great Blondin (Tightrope Walker) crossed over Niagara Falls while pushing a wheel barrel. “The crowd went crazy when Blondin made it to the other side.” Yet Blondin instantly silenced the crowd when he asked for a volunteer to get in the wheel barrel and cross back over the falls. And in a crowd full of people drawn to the risk, only one young man was truly willing to take the risk and get in the wheel barrel.

That’s when I thought to myself, “I feel like I’m in a wobbly wheel barrel right now.” This past week Kristin and I along with our 9 month old daughter Riley pulled away from everything we know. Our Families. Our Friends. Our Jobs. Our Home. We even had to say good bye to summers in the 80s and Mall of America.

Not to mention we’ll most likely be forced to short sale on our home in Minnesota here soon. Which leads me to my favorite line in Adam’s message. “Do you think Christ was comfortable being beaten and bruised, while hanging naked from a tree? Absolutely not! It’s not suppose to be comfortable!” It’s suppose to be worth it.

At the moment there are few things that seem certain in our life:
It’s going to be uncomfortable.
Extremely hot and humid!
Financially impossible.
We were called to the city of Norman for this very moment.

It’s On!