September 11, 2010

72 Wins

I can't believe it's been 15 years since the Chicago Bulls won 72 games and set a mark that continues to be untouchable by other great teams. It amazes me that what captivated me at the age of 10, has me glued to my TV once again as I'm watching one of ESPN's Hardwood Classics. The Bulls were incredible! They not only shattered records; they revolutionized the game of basketball. And in the meantime millions of us jumped on the band wagon.

The point is winning unites people. Everyone wants to be victorious and experience greatness. The question is how many of us are willing to take it one game at at time? For without winning games 1,2 & 3 the Bulls would have never won their 72nd. They would have never won a championship.

The problem is we all want the 72 wins and the Championship without the exhibition games, practices and games 1,2 & 3. Ironically the same way the Bulls' season began with far less media attention, fans and championship rings at stake. Our journey towards greatness also begins with winning the small battles in our life. For when we develop a winning record, we become capable of leading others into victorious living. We find ourselves pioneering movements that lead to greatness. And trust me; that's a band wagon people across the world are willing to jump on.

When was the last time you experienced a victory?
What are the small battles in your life?
Who are the people in your life helping you win? Your team.
Where in your life do you lack discipline?
What is your championship?