September 21, 2010

Can Failure = Success?

If failing is not succeeding the question I have is can a failure be a success? Can a goal not be met and still be considered a great accomplishment? Can a loss become a win? Perhaps our best gauge in answering these questions is simply time. For only time can allow us the opportunity to gain perspective, while determining one's attempt as a success or failure. Did Martin Luther King Jr. fail? Was his dream not successful because he died before it came to pass? No! How about Peter and his attempt to walk on water? At first it seems as though he fails and Jesus corrects him about his lack of faith while the other 11 seem to have made the right choice of playing it safe. Although let time pass by and no one reads Peter's attempt as a fail, but as an incredible accomplishment that now inspires millions around the world to take leaps of faith.

Understand that goals are established to draw you to higher levels. And just because you may not reach the peak you were aiming for, don't overlook the height you've actually reached. For the greatest success stories are mapped out with what appears to be failure after failure. Yet in time no one recognizes these stories as failed attempts. Perhaps success can merely be measured by one's consistent ability to bounce back after experiencing failure.

What was your latest failure?
If you're not failing, are your goals to low?
What failed attempts in your life were actually successes?
What goal are you currently working towards?

This past Sunday our goal was to hit 400 in attendance as a church. We reached 381. Not to mention 9 individuals gave their lives to Christ! So did we fail or succeed? For though we came up 19 short, one must realize that the week before we had 158 people attend church. Meaning we failed to hit 400, yet we managed to do the unthinkable. Our church more than doubled in only one weeks time! And if time is the judge, considering all the church growth studies; what took place on September 19th was monumental!