September 23, 2010

Country Freestyle

I can remember vividly the night I told Kristin I love her. My goodness was I ever nervous. I actually remember rehearsing the entire scene. How I would lead into it? Would I talk in a low/sexy voice like those you hear in a 90's R&B track? Should I have her sit down? You get the point. Although in all my rehearsing nothing could have prepared me for what would happen next. For her response to my "I Love You" was "Prove It!" "Sing to me and make it a country song. And make it up yourself!" Now there's no shame in my game but looking back I'm shocked I even attempted to do so. Not to mention she actually enjoyed it!

The point is this, love moves you to action. And I mean outside the box, unthinkable and unrehearsed ways of acting. Love propels you to engage in moments you'll never forget. For when love becomes the fuel that generates movement in your life there's no telling what you'll do next. Yet in order to give love, one must have love. Which begins with the heart of God. And with each experience we have in God's unfailing love, we ourselves are being filled with love. Meaning we must be full of love in order for it to overflow through our lives.

Perhaps many people are failing to love, simply because love is not in them. One must understand that loving others is a byproduct of loving God and when the two are reversed the outcome is drastically different. Make sure you're loving on full rather than on empty today.