September 28, 2010

I Wrote A Song

Two of my favorite things about Oklahoma is Mark Roberts and the other is listening to Mark share stories from his experiences working internationally in the oil industry. Mark has had some outrageous experiences in some of the worlds most random places. And his excitement and joy for life is contagious. Not to mention he's always surprising me with something new. Today while grabbing something to eat Mark said "I Wrote A Song." He proceeded to tell me the following lyrics:

It’s the Jesus in me loving you
It’s his love mind and spirit that make me do the things I do
So please try to understand when I share his works with you
It’s just Jesus in me loving you

I hope you’ll understand what I’m trying to say
I’m not trying to preach, it just comes out that way
I love the Lord so much He is all I ever talk about
And His Words are powerful, I just want to shout it out!

When the spirit of the lord swells up in me
His words just seem to flow like rivers to the sea
The Lord knows your heart and everything you need
And I am just His instrument, His mouth, Hands, and Feet