October 23, 2010

Befriended a Prostitute

Whether it was the lady caught in adultery that the religious folks were trying to kill, Zacheuss the tax collector who everyone hated, or the prostitute that fell at Jesus’ feet in worship; we find Jesus not only interacted with them but he took it even further and befriended them. Jesus befriended outcasts, crooks, adulterers, atheist and even a prostitute. Jesus befriended sinners (Matthew 9:10-13). And I believe claiming to be a follower of Christ is accepting the responsibility to do just as he did.

The problem is we constantly listen to our Christian Music, watch our Christian shows, read our Christian books, hang out with our Christian friends, while speaking our Christian lingo and before you know it we incidentally lose touch with the non believers around us. Now before you write a hate email, understand I’m not against any of these Christian practices. I’m just against losing touch with the hurting world around us. And if we’re not careful the very things intended to build us up can also lead to our isolation.

Furthermore I’ve encountered many Christians who believe the idea of befriending non-believers is uncalled for and unacceptable. Banking themselves on statements such as “you become the people you spend time with,” The problem is this is a fearful way of thinking. For this way of thinking communicates that we as believers are more confident in a non-believers ability to influence us, rather than our ability to influence them. We fear that if we befriend the people Jesus befriended they will cause us to stumble into sinful living, instead of us leading them into a life of faith.

The solution isn’t to avoid our responsibilities as followers of Christ because we lack confidence in our ability to befriend and influence others. The solution is to grow in spiritual maturity and confidence in order to live more and more like Jesus. For we can’t claim to be followers of Christ, if we aren’t willing to take the fundamental steps he took. And befriending sinners is something Jesus did consistently.