November 3, 2010

Delusion or Vision

Have you ever had an idea, dream or thought that seemed insane? Have you ever considered taking major risks or attempting the impossible? I have. And with every idea and dream comes the struggle of discerning whether or not it is an actual vision from God for your life or just a delusion conjured up in your mind. In Steven Furtick's recent book "Sun Stand Still" he addresses how to discern the difference between delusion and true vision by stating the following practical and effective statement.

"If the dream in your heart isn't biblically based, focused on Jesus, affirmed by the key people in your life, and tethered to your passions, gifts, and life experiences, chances are, you're way off prompt."

What dreams or big ideas consume your mind?
How do your dreams and visions measure up to the above statement?

Perhaps you don't have dreams or visions at the moment. If that's the case I believe this statement still applies to you and can be helpful in discovering God's vision for your life.

What are your passions, gifts and life experiences?
What advice are you receiving from the key people in your life?
When reading scripture, what verses challenges and compels you to do more?