December 22, 2010

A Strange Experience

Do you ever place yourself in the stories of scripture? Step into the shoes of the man managing the inn the night Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem. The inn is full and suddenly a man and his fiance who is in labor show up looking for a place to stay. So he directs them to the barn where Jesus is born along side the cast of "Charlotte's Web." And in the mean time a giant star directs some wise men to the same barn where Jesus is now lying in a manger (|ˈmānjər|a long open box or trough for horses or cattle to eat from). Not to mention they are claiming that this baby born into extremely unfortunate circumstances is the Savior of the World! I wonder if the man managing the inn ever thought to himself "this may be the strangest thing I have ever experienced." I wonder if he overlooked the magnitude of the moment due to the strange/distracting circumstances.

I love the Christmas celebration! I love how generous everyone becomes. I love the symbolism in things like candy canes and Christmas lights. I love the manger scenes people place in their yards. And I especially love CHRISTmas music on secular radio stations. Although it's strange how a celebration centered around Jesus causes so many people to overlook Christ as it's real purpose despite his presence being made known all around.

I wonder if the man managing the inn ever thought to himself "Whoa! Today the Savior of the World was born!" I wonder if we will find ourselves thinking the same thing this Christmas.

Read: Matthew 1:18-2:2 & Luke 2:1-20