January 12, 2011

Observations #2

Introduction: Do you ever find yourself making odd observations about things you encounter in life? For example: why do you drive on a parkway and park in a driveway? Or, why must women have their mouths stretched wide open while putting on their mascara? And as odd as these observations may seem, they often present a good point. The following is an observation from the story of Noah and the Ark. 

Engineers built the Titanic, but a Novice built the Ark
Novice |ˈnävəs| a person new to or inexperienced in a field or situation

Picture this, it's game seven of the world series and rather than the coach bringing in the teams all star closer to finish the game he turns to the crowd and asks an overaged woman to make her way to the mound. I think it's safe to say this would cause some confusion within the stadium, especially confusing the woman being asked to do the unrealistic. Ironically, the same scenario takes place in the story of Noah and the Ark. For scripture tells us that Noah is no longer in his youth, living in a desert, while having never seen an ark let alone built one! In other words, God asking Noah to build the ark made absolutely no sense. I'm guessing Noah thought to himself "why me?" Or maybe he even suggested some builders in the community who he believed to me more qualified to build such a ship. Perhaps God is calling you to do something and  you find yourself responding in the same way. As a pastor I have a front row seat in watching people respond to the call of God on their life. And despite the major differences in individuals and their unique callings, the way many respond is often times the same. It never fails there's always this process we go through where we question God's commands while trying to reason with him about a better option. An option that requires someone else to take the risk, not you. The problem is God didn't call them for that specific purpose, he called you. 

So don't play the comparison game. Understand that God is in the business of using a novice and if you will accept the call he has on your life he will use you to do incredible things. For if in life all you do is what you feel you are capable of doing, you will never experience the ability of God. So get outside the box, color outside the lines and let God be God and you will be surprised what he can do in you and through you.