January 4, 2011

Jesus Wasn't A Writer

Imagine asking four of your closest family members or friends to write a story about your life. What would they say? Which of your characteristics would they speak of the most? What defining moments would they include? Would the four stories be consistent with one another? Would the overall story be positive or negative? If a stranger read one of these stories would it change their life?

The point is this; Jesus wasn’t a writer! The greatest story ever told was told, was told from the vantage point of four individuals other than Jesus.  Which brings me back to the questions above, how would your story read if written by someone else? In Jesus’ case his story turned out remarkable! All four writers spoke of love, justice, grace, service, compassion, generosity, courage, brilliance and sacrifice. And all four stories are incredibly consistent to one another (think of how different your story story would turn out if written by four of your closest friends).

Which brings me to a fork in the road while writing. So I’ll leave you with both thoughts:

Thought 1: Each of us is currently writing the story of our life whether we realize it or not. Furthermore to be a Christian means to die to ourselves in order that we may find life in Christ. In other words, now that we have received salvation, Jesus is now living in us and through us. Another way of putting it is: the same power that conquered the grave now lives in us. And if this is true, shouldn’t our stories begin looking more and more like the story of Jesus?

Thought 2: How much confidence do you have in Jesus? Growing up my father always told me confidence attracts confidence. Meaning it’s easier to place your confidence in someone who possesses confidence. So how confident was Jesus? According to scripture, he came to deliver the most important message ever told, and he entrusted four men to write it for him. It’s like the stud athlete on the playground saying “pick your team and I’ll beat you with whoever is left.” By doing this Jesus is saying, I know who I am and what I’m here to do and anyone who records what they see will articulate the message I came to deliver. For Jesus didn’t come to prove he was the Son of God, he came with confidence that anyone who would follow him would reach that conclusion on their own.

How much confidence do you have in Jesus? 
Does your story look anything like his story?