January 24, 2011

Observations #4

Introduction: Do you ever find yourself making odd observations about things you encounter in life? For example: why do you drive on a parkway and park in a driveway? Or, why must women have their mouths stretched wide open while putting on their mascara? And as odd as these observations may seem, they often present a good point. The following is an observation from the story of Noah and the Ark.

Cheetahs and Turtles Traveled at the Same Speed on the Ark

Apart from having four legs, a mouth and two eyes a cheetah and a turtle are drastically different. In fact in many ways they are opposites. The cheetah is sleek, stylish, explosive, agile and incredibly fast while the turtle’s best feature would be it’s shell. It seems fair to say the two don’t even belong in the same discussion. Which is why the cheetah gets countless hours of publicity on the discovery channel, while the turtle would most likely hurt ratings by putting it’s viewers to sleep. And even though I hate cats, it’s true; a cheetah is far greater than a turtle. Unless! The two are traveling together on the ark and the storm destroys the ark. In this case the turtle is in far better shape than the cheetah.

My point is the storms we face in life provide defining moments. Moments where we have the opportunity to maximize our potential in times it’s needed most. So stop playing the comparison game with those you see to be great and don’t become discouraged next time you encounter a storm. Know that in your storm lies a defining moment, and in these moments we have the opportunity to become great. For it's not our peers who determine greatness, but rather our accomplishments during times of adversity that provide such definition.