April 6, 2011


In college I had a teammate who was colorblind and at least a couple times a week he would head off to class wearing a hideous outfit that didn’t match. I’ll never forget trying to intervene the day he came out of his room wearing black and red shorts along with a purple and yellow sweatshirt.  I figured he would take my advice considering he was well aware of being color blind, although to my surprise he resisted my help insisting that what he was wearing looked good. For despite the truth, he was convinced of a false reality.

The same can be found true with most Christians and this is consistently made evident in the area of tithing. For one who says God is first in their life yet doesn’t tithe is delusional. They are convinced of something that simply isn’t true. And these people continue to walk through life unaware that their faith in action doesn’t match up with God’s word. They are like a student heading off to class wearing black, red, purple and yellow saying to themselves, “I look good.”

Sadly enough, many will still argue that God is first in their life. And according to studies done by the Barna Group, the majority of people who don’t tithe don’t give anything at all. So what do people do with their money? Or maybe the question should be, what comes before God when it comes to people’s finances?

According to statistics (during a recession) Americans spent the following:
$20 Billion on Coffee
$17 Billion on Pet Food
$93 Billion on Soda
$12 Billion on Perfume
$50 Billion on Diet Products
$8 Billion on Make Up

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe any of these expenses are bad. Although, when a cup of coffee takes precedence over our creator, we have an issue. When history tells us of Jesus sacrificing his life for us, yet we’re unable to sacrifice a Big Gulp in return, we have a problem. And the problem is many people’s lives and priorities don’t match up with God’s priorities found in His word. For God gave his son Jesus to die for us, and when we give we become like God. We match!

I challenge you to match yourself to God’s word. And like God’s word, you too will find yourself standing the tests of time.