June 29, 2011


I have had so many classic experiences while riding an elevator:

The time my parents taught my siblings and I the elevator jump. "If you time it right you can catch hang time like Jordan" - Dad.

The time we snuck onto the girls floor in college and lit off handfuls (5 of us double fisting as many as we could hold) of M80s. I'll never forget jumping back in the elevator to go down to our floor when they exploded and literally caused the elevator to shut down. We were stuck! And the award for worlds dumbest criminals goes to...... (drum roll)

The awkward ride with the bell man. Or, the "who farted" ride up to the 13th floor.

The singing. The dancing. The kissing.  Even the times of talking to myself or picking my nose. You get the point. We all ride elevators. And we all do a variety of different things both on the way up and on the way down.

The same is true with life. Sometimes we're going up and some times we're going down. Other times we're flat out stuck! Some rides are enjoyable while others are miserable. And what you do between levels plays a major role. Take my experiences for example:

The elevator jump: making the right decision at the right time is key.
The M80s ride: poor decisions can bring life to a halt.
The "who farted" ride: what you do affects those around you.
The Singing, Dancing and Kissing: life needs rejoicing, expression of self and love.
The talking to yourself ride: personal conversations and reflections are a must.
The picking your nose ride: some things we do are flat our embarrassing.

We all have dreams and we all have goals. Pin point the level in life you desire to be at and then begin taking into consideration all the things you will do on the ride up. In doing so, also pay attention to the things that could very well bring you down or to a halt.