June 21, 2011

I Told You So

Most everyone has experienced an “I told you so” moment. And most everyone would agree it’s one of the most annoying and frustrating phrases to hear. There’s something so irritating about someone boldly predicting a future outcome in your life that you initially disagree with, yet as time progresses you yourself prove them to be right. You yourself create the opportunity for them to say “I told you so.”

The reason why this is so irritating is simple. We hate accepting the fact that someone other than ourselves has a greater foreknowledge of the decisions we make and outcomes they create. We can’t stand it when someone else is right when we so badly wanted them to be wrong.

Someone who has an incredible foreknowledge of our decisions and outcomes is Satan himself. And though we would hate for him to be right, we often prove his predictions to be spot on. Take Adam and Eve for example. The magnitude of their decision in the Garden never seems to cross their mind. The possible outcome never seems to be considered. Sadly to say, Satan did know the magnitude of their decision and his prediction was proven to be true by Adam and Eve.

What Satan is aware of here that Adam and Eve seem to overlook is the power of our decisions. He understands that with every decision we make we create a ripple effect in the world we live in. For Adam and Eve, their decision altered the course of humanity and I believe ours will do the same. Furthermore Satan knows the devastation we ourselves are capable of bringing into the world through the very decisions we ourselves make. And with this knowledge he seeks to delegate injustice to us and through our decisions.

Don’t you hate the fact that Satan employs us to accomplish his plan?

On the contrary God’s word predicts drastically different outcomes as a result of our lives aligning to scripture. And God’s predictions are awesome! So awesome that you actually delight in him saying “I told you so.” For as believers we long for the day when he says to us “well done thy good and faithful servant.” Which let’s be honest. What he is saying is “Well done. I knew you could do it. Didn’t I tell you this day would come?” In which our response will be “you were right, you told me so.”

So choose wisely and take into consideration the ripple effect you will be creating. Ask yourself the question; who would I rather hear say “I told you so,” God or Satan?