July 29, 2011

Foolishly Faithful

King Lear is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, considered to be one of his greatest dramatic masterpieces. The title character descends into madness after foolishly disposing of his estate between two of his three daughters based on their flattery, bringing tragic consequences for all. In the end, it’s only the King’s fool (also known as a jester) who remains loyal and by his side.”

I believe the Fool’s loyalty to the King despite his idiocy establishes him as the ultimate fool. The Fool in this story resembles a person who loves someone unconditionally without ever receiving any love in return. He appears like a person who displays incredible loyalty while knowing he will only be rejected over and over again. This foolish jester is like one who devotes his undivided attention towards another while giving of himself entirely just to be ignored and selfishly taken advantage of. He is an absolute fool, and the person he resembles most is Jesus. For despite our inconsistencies and poor responses to Jesus’ extravagant love and devotion to you and I, he continues to remain foolishly faithful to us. And like my college professor Dr. Watson always would say “life isn’t fair, but God is faithful.”

As a pastor this past week was incredibly difficult. And the struggles only continue. As I write this I can think of people in my church who are; fighting terminal illnesses, on the verge of losing their marriage, being strangled by their finances, controlled by addictions, scarred from abuse, trapped in their past, depressed and hopeless. And with each conversation that I’ve been in, I have found myself banking on the faithfulness of God. For no matter what we’re facing, what we’ve done, or what pain we’ve caused - the God we serve continues to remain foolishly faithful at all times.

Below is a video of a song by Matt Redman that has recently become my theme song. Check it out!